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Legislation & Standards

Legislation & Standards

Safety Policy

Risk assessment and operating procedures

Prior to construction JM Adventure will supply you with generic and site-specific risk assessments and method statements.

The site-specific risk assessments will be compiled from details of your site, observed during a site visit and from anything you have told us.

Generic assessments are relevant to specific tasks required on all sites.

If you feel we have not covered every perceived risk and would like us to investigate further, please let us know.

A copy of our Health & Safety Policy is available on request.


Please see the post construction page.


Many local education authorities and military contracts require JM Adventure to have a high level of public and product insurance cover.

Our cover is as follows:

Amount of Cover
Employers liability £10 Million
Public and product liability £10 Million
Professional indemnity cover £1 Million

Download a copy of our current insurance cover.

European Ropes Course Association (ERCA)

European Ropes Course Association

Every single ropes course that JM Adventure builds is built to exceed the ERCA standard. On completion of a course we strongly recommend that it be given an ERCA Type A inaugural inspection to provide you with the peace of mind that its up to the correct and safe standard.

As a European association, ERCA formulates safety standards for ropes courses with the aim to enhance the quality and safety of ropes courses throughout Europe.

ERCA members are experts in the ropes course industry and represent a range of disciplines, from construction firms to inspectors and trainers to operators. ERCA has been actively involved in developing committees to advance professional practice, such as the development of a European standard for ropes courses.

An annual general meeting takes place to discuss and update the standards, to give the teams assignments, to define new teams and organize workshops and conferences dealing with current topics.

Three elected members represent the board.

Visit the ERCA Website to find out why this standard is so important to us, or contact JM Adventure.