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JM Adventure - Climbing Walls

Climbing Walls & Activity Towers

Climbing Walls & Towers

Climbing Wall 1

Climbing walls and activity towers can act as a hub for multiple activities. Internal platforms and stairs allow participants to ascend unsupervised where an instructor can meet them and prepare to access activities such as aerial trekking, zip wires and fan descenders.

The versatility of our towers allow for a number of features enhance their usability. Features include:

  • Steel beams and braces negate the use of guy wires, thereby reducing the footprint and eliminate the need for daily inspections.
  • Tower doors can be locked to allow the safe storage of equipment.
  • Belay bolts for abseiling and Y hangers for climbing routes.
  • Graded climbing routes with the flexibility to alter routes.

Download Climbing, Abseiling and Activity Towers (PDF 800Kb)

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