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Recreational High Ropes Course

High Ropes Courses

JM Adventure High Ropes Courses

Developmental Courses

High Ropes Development Course

Developmental Courses are designed to encourage groups to work together to overcome various challenges on the ground or at height in a safe controlled environment.

For example, a team of 4 would communicate and work together to overcome the challenge whilst trusting the remainder of their group to belay them.

We can offer a number of different methods of achieving what you require whether you have access to trees, or if you have a limited space.

We are happy to work with you on a bespoke design and all of our courses allow for phasing and expansion.

Features of a JM Adventure developmental rope course:

  • All courses conform to BS EN 12572:1999 & EN 15567-1 "safety requirements and test methods"
  • All of our courses are independently checked to be compliant with the European Ropes Course Association (ERCA) guidelines
  • A wide range of course configurations and materials available - Steel beam, wires and trees
  • Five year warranty on all workmanship
  • Designed with instructor access and maintenance in mind
  • Retractable or removable lower components to prevent unauthorized access
  • Operator manual


Recreational Courses

Aerial Recreational Ropes Course 1

Recreational Courses or Aerial Treks provide for all ages and abilities with the emphasis on high volume for the operator, and thrill seeking adventure for the customer.

Courses can be designed using trees, poles or a combination of both, and can have many elements, which are graded depending on the age and ability of the participant.


Multifunctional Courses

Aerial Recreational Ropes Course - Multifunctional Courses

All of our courses are designed to be multifunctional and aim to combine developmental and recreational elements into a central hub, which in turn allows the operator to offer varied programs to a broader client base.

Typically a tower acts as a hub for many activities, and internal platforms allow participants to ascend and descend unsupervised where they can be met by an instructor and go on to access:

  • High or low aerial trekking courses
  • Developmental linear beams and elements
  • Zip wires
  • Fan descenders
  • Abseil stations