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Developmental High Ropes Courses

High Ropes Courses

Developmental Courses

High Ropes Development Course

Developmental Courses are designed to encourage groups to work together to overcome various challenges on the ground or at height in a safe controlled environment.

For example, a team of 4 would communicate and work together to overcome the challenge whilst trusting the remainder of their group to belay them.

We can offer a number of different methods of achieving what you require whether you have access to trees, or if you have a limited space.

We are happy to work with you on a bespoke design and all of our courses allow for phasing and expansion.

Features of a JM Adventure developmental rope course:

  • All courses conform to BS EN 12572:1999 & EN 15567-1 "safety requirements and test methods"
  • All of our courses are independently checked to be compliant with the European Ropes Course Association (ERCA) guidelines
  • A wide range of course configurations and materials available - Steel beam, wires and trees
  • Five year warranty on all workmanship
  • Designed with instructor access and maintenance in mind with Niko rail underneath the linear beam.
  • Retractable or removable lower components to prevent unauthorized access
  • Operators manual

Linear High Ropes Courses

Linear Extended High Ropes Course

Our linear high ropes courses are defined by a horizontal steel beam, used for reduced maintenance and to allow for easier inspections.

Elements are then hung from below, and anchored to the ground.

Download Linear Courses Brochure (PDF 675Kb)

Developmental Wire and Pole High Ropes Course

Triangle Wire Course

These high ropes courses are cheaper to build, but require regular maintenance inspection due to the increased number of wires.

Download Developmental Wire & Pole Brochure
(PDF 400Kb)

Developmental Elements in Trees

Developmental Trees - High Ropes Course

Trees are a great natural resource to use when building high ropes courses.

Download Developmental Elements in Trees Brochure
(PDF 788Kb)

Developmental Course Elements

For al of our developmental courses, the choice of elements will depend on what outcomes you wish to achieve and the number of participants involved. Typical elements are:

  • Leap of faith
  • High All Aboard / Peg Pole climb
  • Jacobs Ladder
  • Crate Challenge
  • Incline Log & Balance Beam
  • Postman's Walk
  • Multi Vines

For larger Courses additional elements can be added:

  • Power Fan Descender
  • Gladiator Challenge
  • High See Saw
  • Six Person High All Aboard
  • Walk the Plank Leap of Faith
  • Additional Traversing Elements
  • Climbing and Abseil walls or Abseil Platforms
  • Gorge Crossing / Tyrolean Traverse Exercise

For further information, more concepts and guide prices please contact JM Adventure.

High Rectangle Course with Optional Gladiator Challenge & Fan Descender Triangular Tower with Integrated Ropes Course & Zip Wire