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Aerial Recreational Ropes Course 1

Recreational Courses or Aerial Treks provide for all ages and abilities with the emphasis on high volume for the operator, and thrill seeking adventure for the customer.

Courses can be designed using trees, poles or a combination of both, and can have many elements, which are graded depending on the age and ability of the participant.

Continuous Safety Systems

We can offer a number of safety systems depending on your course, budget and target market. We recommend using a continuous safety system owing to its simplicity of use:

Option 1 - Niko steel track

  • Maintenance free
  • Low rolling resistance allowing the participant to be pushed around the course aiding disabled use, and allowing self rescue.
  • Disabled participants can be hoisted onto the system and traverse accompanied, or by themselves.

Option 2 - Continuous wire safety system (Saferoller)

Aerial Recreational Ropes Course in Trees
  • Participants are attached to the system and they cannot come off until the end of a course.
  • Course design is more flexible as it can gain and loose height, offer multiple directions, and include zip wires of up to 100metres.
  • The cable does not need large steel structures to support it so the course will have less visual impact.
  • Fewer staff are required.
  • The Saferoller system is more affordable than a steel track system.

Layout and design

Aerial Recreational Ropes Course - Access Tower

In order to reduce staff numbers and increase participant flow, we recommend an access tower as a hub for our courses, particularly for aerial trekking.

Access towers allow speedy, safe and unsupervised access to the various levels as well as being able to accommodate the developmental elements Fan Descenders, Zip Wires and Climbing Walls.

Circular aerial trekking coursees allow the participant to be dispatched and met by the same member of staff.

Download Climbing, Abseiling and Activity Towers (PDF 800Kb)

Download Areal Trekking Poles Course Brochure (PDF 1.1Mb)

Download Areal Trekking in Trees Brochure (PDF 650Kb)

Indoor Aerial Treks

Aerial Recreational Ropes Course - Indoor

All of our indoor aerial treks are custom designed to meet requirements, budget and the roof space available.

Features on all our aerial treks:

  • All courses conform to BS EN 12572:1999 & EN 15567-1 'safety requirements and test methods'
  • All of our courses are independently checked to be compliant with the European Ropes Course Association (ERCA) guidelines
  • A wide range of course configurations and materials available
  • Five year warranty on all workmanship
  • Designed with instructor access and maintenance in mind
  • Retractable or removable lower components to prevent unauthorized access
  • Operator manual

Download Indoor Aerial Treks Brochure (PDF 1.5Mb)