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Developmental Low Ropes Courses

Low Ropes Courses

Developmental Courses

Multifunctional Low Ropes Course

Built in trees or on poles, a professionally designed low ropes course will cater for all developmental and adventure programs. Activities can be built as isolated stations, or integrated on linear or continuous routes.

Many exercises require groups of up to twelve individuals to work together, and with the absence of any technical equipment or exposure of height, low ropes can prove to be the preferred tool for development programs.

Hexagonal low ropes courses

Hexagonal low ropes courses

Our standard hexagonal course has four elements as standard and allows the user the choice up to six additional elements, which suit their needs.

The hexagonal shape allows many participants to use the course at the same time, and also allows team-building activities to occur within a contained environment.

Download Hexagonal Course Brochure (PDF 600Kb)

Developmental Low Ropes Courses in Trees

Developmental Low Ropes Courses in Trees

Developmental Low High Ropes Course in trees are designed based on the trees at your location, the training requirements and budget and ground space available.

Courses can be designed in phases to help with developing your course and spreading your budget.

Elements can be installed as a linear or continual challenge course, allowing the group to traverse, whilst working as a team, along the line or around the circuit.

To ensure safety a tree inspection should be carried out by an arboriculturist for all courses built in trees.

Download Low Ropes Course Brochure (PDF 500Kb)