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JM Adventure Zip Wire Center Parcs


Zipwire Installations

Zipwire 1

Zip Wires can be installed and attached to new or existing poles, Activity Climbing Towers or buildings.

Trees can be used for Zip Wires subject to a tree inspection and report being carried out by an experienced consultant arboriculturist.

Typically participants would ascend to a platform where an instructor will attach the participant to the Zip Trolley. The participant can then descend down the Zip Line until they stop. They will then lower an abseil rope, remove a back up sling and abseil down to the ground. Once detached from the abseil device the Zip trolley can be returned to the instructor on the platform by walking the abseil rope back to the beginning.

There are two braking mechanisms available for our Zip Wires. The first, a Gravity Brake Stop system allows the trolley to come to a natural stop in the sag of the cable. The second is a Bungee Brake Stop. This system involves a brake block being attached to the main cable. The block is then attached to a bungee cord that is in turn attached to a second overhead cable.

Download Zipwires Brochure (PDF 400Kb)

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