Modular aerial trekking
& ropes courses

J M Adventures modular Aerial Trekking courses are a simple engineered solution offering an ‘off the shelf’ but diverse commercial ropes course. Designed specifically for high through put and minimal staffing, our Modular Courses can be built on multiple levels and in most locations.

Indoors or outside, Modular Aerial Trekking offers family fun for all ages and abilities.

Participants can pass one another on platforms, navigate their own way around the ropes and bridges and move freely between levels using the stairs or bridges.

Uses Kanopeo’s Saferoller® – The only system that can be installed with safety-line out-of-reach.

Product features

  • Designs are fully customised to meet your location and budget.
  • Galvanised or custom painted steel.
  • Range of elements designed to meet your adventure park needs.
  • Designs consider safe operation, future development and safe access for inspections and maintenance.
  • Uses Kanopeo’s Saferoller®: Designed for safety line out-of-reach. The only system that can be installed with safety-line out-of-reach (2m -2.3m above platform height) creates a more thrilling and exciting experience for the user. Just slip on and roll. The safety line can also be installed half-height (1.4m -1.6m above platform height) for kids trail or mixed trail.
  • Retractable, removable or secure lower components to prevent unauthorised access.
  • Safety signage as standard.
  • All designs conform to EN15567-1 (2015).
  • Themed courses if required.
  • Five year warranty on all workmanship.
  • Owner manual.
Aerial Trekking JM Adventure

Product elements

There are a range of elements to choose from:

Aerial Ropes Trekking

  • Suspended between trees, poles or artificial structures and buildings, Aerial Ropes Trekking allows participants of all ages to traverse ropes, net bridges and zip wires. The route difficulty can vary with different bridges and exposure. All JM Adventure Aerial Ropes Trekking use continual wire or track safety systems.

Adventure Hubs

  • Adventure Hubs facilitate any number of activities making them an essential addition to any Adventure Park and holiday resort. Primarily used for access to various levels of Aerial Ropes Trekking, Zip Wires, Bag Jumps, Climbing, Abseiling and Drop Activities, towers can also be fitted with team building elements on a linear beam.

Net Courses

  • Net courses allow large groups of all ages to move around suspended net chambers through tunnels, down slides and over bridges. The main advantages of net courses are low staff and supervision ratios and participants do not require safety equipment.

Zip Wires

  • Everyones favourite activity! From Mini Zip to nets integrated into Aerial Ropes Trekking to Mega Zips, Zip Wires are the favourite activity for all ages.

Bag Jump

  • This hugely exciting experience allows participants to build up to the 10m jump platform after warming up on the two lower levels.

Climbing Walls

  • Activity Hubs can accommodate up to 15 climbing lanes of varying difficulty. To further enhance your design, towers have optional slab, overhang and volume features.

Drop Activities

  • Activity Hubs can include a number of extreme activities including Punch Bag Leap of Faith, Quick Jumps, PF13 Power Fan Descenders and Fairy Zips.

Team Building Developmental Linear Beam

  • The addition of a team building Linear beam means you can expand your client base and activities to include team building and development programmes.

Big Swing

  • Big swings are a great activity allowing up to 3 participants to enjoy the pendulum dive together while the remainder of the group help operate the hoist.

I am happy to recommend JM Adventure as an industry-leading constructor of High Ropes courses. The whole team were very professional throughout the whole process, from Adam Kiddell‘s understanding of our requirements, to the design team’s flexibility, to the pleasant and efficient construction engineers.

Albert Slator / Director / Fun Farm Ltd

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