Bag jumps

Bag jumps

Tree and forests, urban, indoors and commercial, JM Adventure can design and build you a Bag Jump access platform. Additionally Bag Jump progressive jump platforms can be fitted to our Standard Activity Towers and Adventure Hubs to offer your clients another exhilarating experience.

Bags are a popular activity with both participants and operators as they require a brief introduction, low levels of supervision and no safety equipment.

Product features

  • Designs are fully customised to meet your location and budget.
  • Multi-level jump platforms to allow safe progression higher levels.
  • Galvanised or custom painted steel.
  • Range of sags designed to meet your adventure park needs.
  • Designs consider safe operation, future development and safe access for inspections and maintenance.
  • All blowers and fans included (3 x 240 volt sockets required for 10mx10m bag).
  • Safety signage as standard.
  • All designs conform to EN15567-1 (2015).
  • Customise your Bag Jump with your logo.
  • Five year warranty on all workmanship.
  • Owner manual and training.
Bag Jumps - JM Adventure
Bag Jumps - JM Adventure

Product information

Bag jump

Jump platforms

  • Up to 3 varying level jump platforms allow safe upward progression from a 3m to 10m.

Blowers and fans

  • All Equipment and product information is supplied with the Bag Jumps. Prior to installation we will work with you to establish the locations of the 3 required 240 volt exterior power sockets.

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Bag Jumps - JM Adventure