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JM Adventure climbing and activity towers facilitate a range of activities making them an essential addition to outdoor centres. Our years of experience, engineering and refinement have allowed us to perfect the design and operation of these structures. Our climbing and activity towers are primarily used for climbing but can also be used for access to various levels of aerial ropes trekking, zip wires, bag jumps, climbing, abseiling and drop activities, towers can also be fitted with team building elements on a linear beam.

Product features

  • Activity Towers and Adventure Hubs are fully customised to meet your location and budget.
  • Can be integrated with team building Linear Ropes Course.
  • Galvanised or custom painted steel.
  • Range of elements designed to meet your activity needs.
  • Compact design simplifies operation and inspections.


  • Ground belay anchors & safety signage as standard.
  • A range of belay options.
  • Internal Stairs for safe access to top levels.
  • Tracer lines for easy set up and to minimise instructor access.
  • All designs conform to EN15567-1 (2015).
  • Five year warranty on all workmanship.
  • Owner manual.
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Product elements

There are a range of elements to choose from:

Climbing Walls

  • Activity towers can accommodate up to 15 climbing lanes of varying difficulty. To further enhance your design, towers have optional slab, overhang and volume features.

Bag Jump

  • This hugely exciting experience allows participants to build up to the 10m jump platform after warming up on the two lower levels.

Aerial Ropes Trekking Access

  • With internal stairs and multiple level platforms the Activity Hubs are a safe and efficient way to access and egress Aerial Ropes Trekking Courses.


  • Abseil points and double gated balustrades give operators safe stances for abseiling.

    Zip Wires

    • Where your site lacks the topography, activity tower and hubs give you the height needed to build and operate Zip Wires.

    Drop Activities

    • Activity Hubs can include a number of extreme activities including Punch Bag Leap of Faith, Quick Jumps and Fairy Zips.

    Team Building Developmental Linear Beam

    • The addition of a team building linear beam means you can expand your client base and activities to include team building and development programmes.

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