Activity climbing tower

Project details

Client/UK Youth

Location/New Forest, Hampshire

J M Adventure have enjoyed a long and healthy working relationship with Avon Tyrell. Having completed a tree aerial trek course for the centre in 2019 we were happy to be invited back to replace the climbing activity tower.

We work closely with the centre management to ensure we meet all strict criteria imposed by the local planning authority whilst delivering our client with the product they need.

We have worked with JM Adventure on two main projects in the last 2½ years, firstly the building of a Tree Top Trail and secondly the replacement of a new climbing tower, as well as receiving support for routine maintenance and replacement of equipment. In our industry I believe having a trusting relationship is incredibly important and with James and his team I believe we have that.

The quality of workmanship, advice given, ability to meet timelines and the general attitude of the team have created a great mix and I have no hesitation recommending them to perspective new clients. We most certainly will be using JM Adventure for future project as they most definitely deliver.

David Watts / Director of Outdoor Learning / UK Youth