Developmental high ropes courses

Developmental high ropes courses

JM Adventure has a range of Developmental Linear High Ropes Courses which are powerful tools for team building, personal development, and challenge by choice. The designs are hugely versatile being able to accommodate a number of activities and groups in a compact area. JM Adventure can also design a course to fit the requirements of your specific educational programme to help meet desired outcomes within your project budget restraints.

Product features

  • Courses are fully customised to meet your location and budget.
  • Galvanised or custom painted steel.
  • Range of elements designed to meet your training needs.
  • Compact design simplifies operation and inspections.
  • Integrated vertical and horizontal access allows safe staff access for pre use inspections.
  • Retractable and/or removable lower components to prevent unauthorised access.
  • A range of belay options.
  • Tracer lines for easy set up and to minimise instructor access.
  • All designs conform to EN15567-1 (2015).
  • Themed courses if required.
  • Five year warranty on all workmanship.
  • Owner manual.
High Ropes Courses JM Adventure
High Ropes Courses JM Adventure 2

Product elements

There are a range of elements to choose from:

Leap of faith

  • Participants leap from a vertical pamper pole with the aim of trying to catch a trapeze bar. The bar can be adjusted from the ground to make the jump easier or more challenging.

High all aboard

  • Up to four participants have to climb a vertical pamper pole to reach a small platform. When the team have helped each other onto the platform they can perform various trust exercises. Accessing the pole can be achieved using climbing blocks or “ratlines” nets.

Crate stack challenge

  • Up to four participants build a tower with a number of crates (included) to get as high as they can before the tower collapse.

Jacobs ladder

  • Up to four participants must help one another to ascend up the horizontal poles but the space between each poles increases with height!

Gladiator challenge 

  • Two participants have to race one another up poles, nets, tyres and ropes to get to the top first.

Traverse elements

  • Up to two participants have to traverse elements, sometimes passing each other, requiring balance, confidence and trust. Each element is above the last so increasing the challenge.

High See Saw

  • Up to four participants must ascend up the vertical pamper pole and balance the see saw at the top.

Integrated Climbing & Abseil Walls

  • A popular option for our linear design is to integrate a single or two sided climbing wall. These timber clad faces can accommodate up to 8 climbing lanes.

Integrated Big Swing

  • With the linear format JM Adventure can integrate a Big Swing into the design to add some team fun to your sessions. Big Swings are a great activity allowing up to 3 participants to enjoy the pendulum dive together while the remainder of the group help operate the hoist.

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