Junior trekking

Junior trekking

JM Adventure’s modular Junior Trekking courses are a simple engineered solution to offer younger adventurers the opportunity to participate in ropes activities. Designed specifically for children, parents can accompany the kids around a low level adventure course over rope bridges and obstacles. Indoors or outside, Junior Trekking compliments larger adventure parks and offers activities for the whole family.

Product features

  • Designs are fully customised to meet your location and budget.
  • Galvanised or custom painted steel.
  • Range of elements designed to meet your adventure park needs.
  • Designs consider safe operation, future development and safe access for inspections and maintenance.
  • Safety signage as standard.
  • All designs conform to EN15567-1.
  • Themed courses if required.
  • Five year warranty on all workmanship.
  • Owner manual.
Junior Trekking Courses JM Adventure
Junior Trekking Courses JM Adventure

Product INformation


  • Starting from a raised platform, little adventurers are attached to a multi directional safety system before traversing out over various ropes and bridges. Parents can choose to accompany their children whilst they traverse the bridges.


  • All JM Adventure Junior Trekking Courses use a multi-directional track safety system.

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Junior Trekking Courses JM Adventure