Safety comes first
at JM Adventure

Inspection, assessment and training are always site-specific and independent. All our courses are built to the European course standard EN15567-1, and our five year warranty on workmanship guarantees your peace of mind.

JM Adventure has worked for over 20 years with many manufacturers of safety systems and equipment. Drawing on this experience we are able to best advise you on the most appropriate safety system and operation for your site.

Pre construction

Detailed design risk assessments, site visits and engineerings is key to ensuring your new course meets your expectations and more importantly, is safe for you and your clients. JM Adventure use independent industry leaders for all civil and structural engineering offering another layer of safety and scrutiny.

Additionally, you will be issued with site specific risk assessments and Method statements and accompanying tree reports, site investigation reports and ecology reports where required prior to construction.


The JM team are a highly qualified group of technicians. As a company we pride ourselves on our construction experience and site safety, often building in challenging or remote locations. We work hard to ensure all team members are qualified, experienced and appropriately supervised for the task in hand.

Post construction

Once you and your staff have successfully completed site specific training and your course has received its inaugural inspection, we will continue to support you and your course with technical support, operational inspections and safety updates and innovations.