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Zip Wires

Zip Wires

JM Adventure is the UK’s leading zip wire design and construction company, with hundreds in operation within the UK and Ireland. We can design you a zip wire from just a few metres to record breaking zips many kilometres long.

The type of zip wire will depend on your location and commercial requirements. They can range from a simple play park zip, to zip wires integrated into a ropes course all the way to high capacity commercial zips.

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Product features

  • Designed to meet your location, budget and commercial requirements.
  • Can be designed in a range of materials to fit the engineering or theming requirements.
  • Range of braking options depending on the zip wire.
  • JM Adventure is the UK’s only Headrush approved installer.
  • Designed to conform to the ropes course standard.
  • Five year warranty on all workmanship.
  • Owner Manual.

Product INformation

Braking System

JM Adventure uses a range of braking systems, the deciding factor for choosing a brake will be based on the predicted arrival speed of the participants. Options include:

  • Simple gravity braking suitable for outdoor centres.
  • Landing into a net.
  • Bespoke braking using our proprietary systems to allow for high speed and larger throughput.

Customised Structures

  • JM Adventure will design a structure that fits the needs of the client and the topography. We will always aim to make it as safe and as simple as possible to avoid any unnecessary risk.



  • The safety of your clients and staff is our number one priority. Our bespoke zip wire braking systems offer dual redundancy and emergency backup. All our zip wires conform and in some circumstances exceed the European ropes course standard.

Maintenance and Inspection

  • JM Adventure can work with you to inspect and maintain your zip wire to the highest standard.

JMA Provides exceptional builds with great quality and standards, with an efficient after care process. JMA were nominated as the Center Parcs supplier of the year due to their excellent client support and service. I would recommend them to anyone in the industry looking to build a rope based activity.

Steve Cooper / Group Outdoor Activities and Safety Manager / Center Parcs

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