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Indoor Ropes & Parks

Indoor Ropes & Parks

Indoor ropes course offer an exciting addition to any indoor climbing centre, soft play or trampoline park. JM Adventure have designed and built indoor high ropes in a range of locations, bringing together all areas of our expertise. Indoor ropes courses can range from a simple series of activities and zip wires to comprehensive adventure park including multiple levels of aerial trekking, climbing and zip wires.

Product features

  • Designs are fully customised to meet your location and budget.
  • We offer a range of materials with theming options available.
  • Range of activities designed to meet your commercial needs.
  • Designs consider safe operation, future development and safe access for inspections and maintenance.
  • All designs conform to the European ropes course standard.
  • Five year warranty on all workmanship.
  • Owner manual.
Indoor ropes and parks JM Adventure
Indoor ropes and parks JM Adventure

Product elements

There are a range of elements to choose from:

Aerial Trekking

  • Depending on the location, we can either use freestanding poles poles or connect the the existing structure (subject to engineering). Aerial trekking allows a wide range of participants to traverse ropes, net bridges and zip wires. The route difficulty can vary with different bridges and exposure to height.
  • Safety – all JM Adventure aerial trekking use continual safety systems.

Net Courses

  • Net courses allow large groups of all ages to move around suspended net chambers, they can go through tunnels, down slides and over bridges. The advantage of a net course over an aerial trek is participants are not required to wear safety equipment.

Zip Wires

  • Everyones favourite activity! Mini Zip can be integrated into aerial trekking or indoor canopy tours.

Airbag Jumps

  • This exciting experience allows participants from a ten metre platform without the need to wear a harness.

Climbing Walls & Fun Climbing

  • Indoor fun climbing has grown in popularity over the last few years and would make a popular addition to any indoor adventure parks.

Drop and Drop Activities

  • Indoor platforms can include a number of extreme activities including Leap of Faith, Quickflights, Power Fans and Fairy Zips.

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